Address and Postcode finder

New Zealand Post

Designing for humans and not databases so that it easier to find an address and postcode and understand the delivery options.

The address and postcode finder allows people to find New Zealand postal addresses, rural delivery addresses, postcode areas, PO Box and Private Bag numbers. Make it easier and quicker for an address to be found and the address details to be understood.

Design for humans and not databases

The current version of the address and postcode finder required a person to have to enter the address broken up into the different fields as required by the addressing database. We were certain that people did not think of addresses this way, after checking the analytics, customer feedback and watching people use the tool, it was clear this assumation was correct.

Sketching, wireframing, interaction

To get a good understanding of the issues facing users, I immersed myself in all the data the online team had - google analytics, customer feedback and suggestions, support calls and customer surveys. Now having a good understanding of any customer issues and how addressing worked, I began to sketch and exploring ideas for how the address and postcode finder could work.

Test and adjust.

Once I had enough of an idea of how the new version would work. worked with the developers to build a beta version that could be tested. And after several iterations a new address and postcode finder went live. Customer gave use overwhelming feedback that the new version was easier and quicker to use.