NZSecretSanta New Zealand Post

NZSecretSanta is a social media Secret Santa game run by New Zealand Post. Spreading the cheer of Christmas one tweet at a time.

While the #nzsecretsanta takes place on twitter, the event needed a website to allow new players to be able to get an overview of the game worked and also allow users to sign up and link their twitter account to a New Zealand Post online account so they could manage their postage for the game.

Sketching, wire-framing and interaction

Visual design and branding

Now that we had I idea of the process for playing the game, I worked on integrating the twitter login process to create a seamless login process for logging into the game and also using a New Zealand Post account.

I put together a wireframes for the landing page and also created a style-tile to show the visuals for the game.

Rather than use the New Zealand Post brand I decided to focus on making it fun and focus on New Zealand Christmas. This was achieved through bright colours with use of pohutukawa and illustrations using native New Zealand birds.

Some collaterial to get people excited about the game

I also designed some other fun elements to use in marketing the event including stickers which were added to the first 1000 entries and imagery to be used in tweets around wellington